Melded Fabrics
About Solo™

Unbacked Solo™ is ideally suited to applications that require some degree of stretch and ‘give’. It lends itself to highly contoured surfaces.
Typical applications for unbacked Solo™ include: bootlinings, parcel trays, door trims, truck sleeper cabin linings, marine hull lining, bus sides and audio speaker boxes.

Backed Solo is ideal for load floors which include station wagons and utes, car mats and boot mats. While Solo™ is a very durable range, it is not recommended for flooring applications.

Product Specifications:

Colour Palette - 5 colours
Composition - 100% Polypropylene
Texture - Velour
Roll Length - 25m (nominal)
Roll Width - 200cm
Fabric Weight - 500g/m2 (Unbacked) / 1000g/m2 (backed)

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