Melded Fabrics

Australian Owned, Australian Made

Supporting local business and keeping jobs in Australia is one thing, but the benefits of dealing with an Australian company can have far greater benefits for you and your business.

Melded Fabrics is based in Dandenong, Victoria with manufacturing facilities located onsite. With a distribution network nation-wide, you don’t have to look too far to find our products. Working closely with our customers and distributers, we are able to offer Australian based customer service, as well as short lead times as all of our products are made in Australia.

The Process

Melded Fabrics is a world leader in non-woven, heat bonding manufacturing with a range of product displaying physical properties that outclass fabrics made by conventional methods.

Our unique ‘Melding Process’ is capital intensive but labour and energy efficient, involving the heat fusing of polymer fibres at molecular level, producing a finished material that is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly.

The use of pre-dyed fibres are colour-blended before being processed ensuring a fabric that is colourfast, with a substantial depth of colour, as well as being resistant to stains, bacteria, insects, most chemicals, moisture or mould. During the manufacturing process, an antistatic agent is used which reduces static electricity build-up throughout the life of the product.

The end result is a material that is dimensionally thin which ensures a flexibility of application that provides a raft of advantages to designers, installers and end users.

These attributes are what set Melded fabrics product far apart from its competitors.


At Melded Fabrics, we understand that everybody has individual requirements. This is why we work closely with our customers; we always have. We understand that not everybody likes to buy ‘off the rack,’ and on occasion, there will be a specific colour, texture, or finish that may be required. This is why our product development and manufacturing team is always on hand to cater for these circumstances and deliver products to spec, on time, every time.

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