Melded Fabrics

The Melded Fabrics range of walling solutions catering to specifiers and architects alike. Melded Commercial Fabrics come in three surface textures which are used to create five products that give specifiers an array of choices when trying to find the perfect solution to complex problems.

The five products in the Melded Fabrics Commercial Fabrics range are Front Runner®, Prelude®, Interlude®, Waterbrush® and Noticeboard.

Through the unique manufacturing process, all fabrics in the Commercial Fabrics range are ‘antistatic’, inherently mildew, lint, dirt and dust resistant, easy to clean, non-fray and UV stable. With good acoustic properties and Velcro® compatibility, they are used on everything from small noticeboards to extensive walling applications. The Nylon and Polyester blend used in the construction of Front Runner® and Prelude® not only makes them mildew resistant but it also means that these two world class fabrics have a quicker pressure indentation recovery than products made from 100% polyester. It’s the nylon that makes these products last.

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